Another Easter Sunday to Remember

Are you like us who look forward to Easter Sunday events? My daughter and I are consistently into this every year, and it’s a different venue for us each year. I know there are a lot of venues to choose from, but, I am personally excited about this by Blue Bay Walk. I’m sure, if you show your kids the things or program in store for them, they’d be so excited.

Check this out!

 photo easter3_zps0b1cf7c5.jpg

 photo poster_zps6e709e31.jpg

I hope, I helped you decide to make a great choice for Easter Sunday. For us, it is always an Easter to remember. So, shall we see you there?

Thank you, Lazada Philippines!

I was finally able to shop at the famous Lazada online shopping. They’ve given me a voucher amounting to Php1000 and it got me and Rem nice watches. I am not only grateful for the items but for the whole shopping experience.

The very first items that I ordered using the said voucher were a blue Q&Q watch and a cookie tray. Upon successful booking of the items, I got an update that the order was a success, and I just have to wait for a day or two for the items to arrive. Then when it’s already on transit, a text message was also sent that it’s arriving that day. The messenger or courier also texted me if I was home (if not, an authorized representative should receive the items in my absence) to receive it while he was on his way to my place. So I got the items. By the time I tried the cookie tray, it was big, it didn’t fit in our oven, so, I had to return it, indicating the reason. I just had to send it via LBC, charge-free. I did this days after I got the items. Upon delivery, a return form comes with it. How cool is that? The moment, they got the returned item, I was updated about it, and advised to wait for my shopping voucher in exchange of the retuned item. When my voucher code was emailed, I shopped again and ordered another watch, instead, this time for me. So, here are the watches I’ve got:
Q&Q Watch photo image_zps4158c175.jpeg
The blue watch is Rem’s. It’s in Analog Rubber strap Stainless steel back, water resistant up to 10M. Japan-made.

 photo image2_zpsf8584168.jpeg

This one’s for me, a Tomato Swap Watch

The whole experience was hassle-free, and I will definitely do online shopping from them in the future.  Thank you so much again, Lazada Philippines!

Summer Tummy Treats

When it’s summertime, it’s not only Rem who is so happy about this season, but also me. Aside from not having to get up from bed way too early everyday, I particularly enjoy having enough time to think and prepare (a bit more special)  what to eat or cook during snacks or meals. Ooops, I don’t mean that it is on a daily basis, but, at least a little more often during school-days. As of this time, I have already been able to prepare the following:


cheesy mushroom pizza photo pizza_zps08440236.jpeg

my cheesy mushroom pizza


popsicle photo popsicle_zpsd64a8527.jpeg

As shown on the TV ads, we tried it home…and it was so good


We still have about two months remaining, it means, I’d be able to cook other recipes. Good thing this summer heat doesn’t make me gain a lot of weight that easy, besides, cooking makes you sweat just as easy (hahah!). But, I hope Rem would gain some. How’s your summer going so far? Our, we are endeed having happy tummies despite the heat.

This is not a paid post by the makers of Dutch Mill Yogurt drink. We do love this product, so, all of the content on this post are mine.

Moving Up Ceremony the Bridgetine Way

 photo e19e984f-ff25-46e6-a12e-c24bb520b772_zpse29854ef.jpg

While most kids and parents are so busy and excited for this event, at Rem’s school (St. Bridget School in Q.C.), this is just a simple celebration. The pupils are just asked to bring food for sharing, then a short program is held in the covered court with only the pupils and their teachers around, and they will do the awarding (of certificates) in their respective classrooms. Parents stay at the waiting area. Of course, I also gets excited by the thought that she will be moving up to the next level already by June, and for the summer vacation. I guess that is also how Rem feels. But, honestly, I like it this way. Less stress, less expenses, more relaxed, more fun. By the way, they don’t have academic awards in the said school like what other schools have, they only have the list of the Top 10 in each class where we get to know during the card distribution. In Rem’s case, we will know by April 3 yet. But during the Moving Up day, they’re given certificate based on their personalities, instead. This year, she got “Most Enthusiastic” certificate. Congratulations, Rem! Momma and Poppa are so proud of you. We love you!

Reading the Traditional Way

Reading novels/books is one of my favorite things to do. By the time, I developed a love for reading back in college, thanks to my dear friend, Mina, for the influence, I would want to finish a book in one sitting, bring one to school, so, while I was stuck in traffic and even when the jeepney was moving, I could read – bad practice, I know. I sort of laid low when my eyesight got worse: stigmatism and blurred vision combined. Now, reading is dealt differently already because first and foremost, I want to influence Rem the right way. This time, I don’t read with a pressure of finishing immediately, I do it for relaxation and fun purposes, which is a lot better. I make sure I always have good reads at home: fiction, inspirational, self-help, magazines etc.

Before Rem’s classes ended , I bought her, her very first book from National Bookstore. She was with me, so, the book was kind of approved by her. I went to the shelf where kids books were on display, and made sure it’s age appropriate. I remember having read her regularly even in utero, and reading to her at bedtime when she was a baby. Basically, I’ve introduced her to books since then, in fact, instead of buying toys, I’d buy books. For fear that she would lose her love for books or reading the traditional way, I decided to make her read again. And since I am her biggest influence, I am often reading, too.

 photo image2_zpse59365c8.jpeg

Rem’s book

 photo image_zps31dcdd65.jpeg

the bottom 3 are my books at the moment…I tend to read different books simultaneously, depending on my mood – weird eh

Guess what, she just finished the book today, she read it for about 3-weeks, I guess. But, I consider it an achievement already, as she was happy having been able to finish it. The good thing about it is, she was able to tell me the story the way she understood it. I am so proud that it was reading with understanding, indeed. What amazed me more was when she told me that it has to be donated or sold for one peso only (hahah). Well, I am keeping it for sentimental reasons – those firsts count, right?! With all the e-books craze, I may be such an old soul because I didn’t like it. I tried it once, but didn’t finish one book. I just thought, it’s gonna be consuming the gadget’s battery faster, the radiation and my sight. There was that sense of guilt (sorry!:-)).

We will be out tomorrow for her Art Class, and I am so excited to buy her a new book afterwards. At first, I was worried that summer would be boring for us, now, I can say, it isn’t and won’t be. Happy summer, guys!