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Job-hunting and Rem

In line with wanting to find a job one of these days, I’ve been asking few friends via Facebook if they know any job opportunities that I could apply for. That’s beside applying directly online (hahah!). Well, I just realized that I am now so ready to work again because Rem comes home around past 2:00PM already, and she approves of it, in fact, she would ask me if I’m looking for a job whenever she sees me on the computer. But what surprised me was when I asked her if it’s okay with her if I join her Poppa in Qatar so I’ll work there, and we’ll just get her afterwards. She just said, “yes, but, someone should stay with me so I wouldn’t be lonely”. Goodness, I thought she would be melodramatic, but, she really has a mind of her own. I just joked hubby about it, that I should get a job because I feel that Rem will live independently by age 13. Aside from Rem’s approval of me wanting to work again, she says, “so you’ll be happy and we’ll be rich.” I know she is just so excited about her “pasalubong” on a daily basis.

Well, since I could actually start employment by September because hubby is coming home this August for Rem’s birthday, I am not really rushing as of the moment. I just hope and pray that a good one will come at the perfect time

Fighting the Boredom

It’s been a bit of a boring time for me lately, but, I had to fight it and decided to clean around our pad which included our fridge, of course. I just made sure the freezer was ready after my visit to Marikina Market. Aside from cleaning it up, I also made sure, all the plastic wares I’d need were just as clean and ready. I felt kind of accomplished when I saw it done, and when Rem was impressed. Well, I guess, you’ll also like it if my freezer would always look like this, right?
freezer photo image1_zpsce0b0b3d.jpeg
This is just one of the things I do to fight boredom. I am now back to blogging, reading novels and have just finished updating my resume’. I want to look for a job soon. This daily physical exercise just made me feel a lot stronger and healthier and made me think that I am now ready to face the career-world. This way, from feeling bored, I feel excited already. Thanks to hubby and Rem for an early approval. I just hope God will bless me with a great company again. Wish me luck, guys.

Loving Myself More

During the entire summer, I hardly exercised because even sitting down made me sweat. Well, you know how hot it is in Manila during this season. But, despite the heat, I gained a few pounds because there was a lot of eating here and there. When my weight gain became noticeable already, I went back to my Zumba workout and also started doing morning walk, either of the two in a day. When it’s raining outside, that’s actually the time I do Zumba. The good news is, the few pounds I gained in 2-months, were lost in a month of regular exercise. Isn’t it cool? One more thing, my body is longing for that sweaty me already, so, I make sure I do my workout everyday. There are unavoidable circumstances though that make me miss my workout, but, that is when I have to do an errand. Still, it’s a physical activity, so, it doesn’t make me feel guilty at all. For someone like me, who doesn’t want to go into diet, it is best to get into a regular exercise to stay fit. I feel a lot stronger and healthier this time, and that makes me love myself more. How about you, how do you keep yourself fit?

Xiaomi Mi 3 Madness Revs Up With Lazada.com.ph

On June 26, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines teamed up for the release of the most anticipated phone of the season – Mi 3.Orders from enthusiastic customers started pouring in as the sale opened at exactly 12 noon — and even with floods affecting many parts of Metro Manila, customer orders started shipping within the day. Most Metro Manila customers were delighted to receive their Mi 3 phones just hours after they had placed their orders.

Lazada Philippines’ and Xiaomi’s social media pages received hundreds of feedback messages from the new Xiaomi Mi 3 owners sharing their awe on the superior product quality of Mi 3 and the retail and logistical agility of Lazada Philippines.

This July 4, 11AM, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines will again hold a Mi 3 flash sale with 2,000 units up for grabs. Once again, the virtual shelves of Lazada.com.ph will be opening for you so that you can enjoy the superior product quality of the season’s most anticipated phone – Mi3 – offered exclusively by the country’s biggest online shopping mall – Lazada.com.ph, for an effortless shopping experience.

For updates and details on this exciting offering from Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines, be sure to subscribe to the Lazada Philippines Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines.