Happy 30th Anniversary Del Monte Kitchenomics

Last October 12, I went to Market-Market mall to attend the 30th Anniversary celebration of Del Monte Kitchenomics. A lot of people were there to join in the fun. The highlight of the said event was the simultaneous cooking of a total of 365 recipes (using Del Monte products) from the three key cities in the country: Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Though it was a bit crowded, the celebration offered food tasting to everyone who got inside the venue. You just have to line up.Since it was a Sunday, a lot of families spent their family day at the event. The following photos will show you what the celebration was like.

To Del Monte, whose products are staples in every Filipino household, congratulations! Cheers to another 30-years of yummy dishes.

Birthday Treat at Vikings

Last September 28 was my godson’s (Joshua) birthday. Her mom, Glenda, invited us, together with our dear friend, Ada for a lunch buffet at Vikings MOA. It’s been a while since we’ve bonded together, so, we really made sure we were present in this celebration. Thanks for the invite, mare, and Happy Belated Birthday, Joshua!

It was my second time to dine at Vikings. The first one was at their SM Marikina branch during their soft opening because there was a promo discount. Well, I just find it too much to spend on this kind of buffet because it costs around Php900. So it’s either a promo or a treat if I get to eat there. But, if you eat a lot, this is a cool treat already. There are a lot of delicacies to choose from, so, better say “excuse me” to your diet first to enjoy the meal (Hahah!). I still find their SM Marikina branch more organized, probably because it’s a bit smaller than their MOA branch. Well, it is about good food and good company, so wherever it is, it is surely to be fun. With these bunch of people, every reunion is something that I always look forward to. So, when is the next gonna be (wink*wink*)?

The Music I Listen To

A friend of mine gave me an Ipod shuffle about 2-years ago. While handing it to me, she told me that it’s good to listen to it while jogging. I wasn’t into jogging then, but, I appreciated the stuff and said thanks. I immediately downloaded few music to it, but, only enjoyed using it since June, that’s when I started to have my daily walking exercise. Today, I just updated the songs in it, and yes, it’s the Billboard top songs. I got about 200-songs in there. I just got so excited the moment I finished downloading the songs, that when I listened to it, it made me feel like I want to run, not just walk, dance and not stop while the songs are playing (hahah!). Well, that would keep me going the whole day. I still want to add Pittbull’s songs, but, hubby told me to wait for it, as he’s the one who’s so patient in downloading music. I just realized that you never feel alone, even if you are literally alone, while listening to good music during working out.

Scary Lightning and Thunder

Lately, every afternoon would be raining with lightning and thunder that go along with it. It’s pretty scary as the thunder is really loud and the lightning is just too bright. I have always been scared of these two, but, with Rem around, I try to compose myself so she won’t develop fear of those even when in a secure place. But, one afternoon we were in U.P Diliman’s oval walking around, when it started to drizzle with strong lightning and thunder, too. One lightning hit a little close to us, that we saw its spark and she got really scared. From that time, I noticed her being scared already everytime she notice lightning and hears loud thunder. Though, it’s also good, so she’ll keep herself safe whenever the weather is like that, it’s just a bit stressful being scared the whole time. I hope her fear would not get worse, and that would depend on my way of making her feel safe even if those things are happening. I’ve got to be one braver momma this time.

How About a Longer Workout?

It used to be just a 30-minute walk for me as my daily exercise since June, but, lately, I noticed that I’m having a hard time losing the weight I’ve gained since August. Well, I’ve been eating much lately, too, so there. I plan to add another 30-minute of dancing or zumba and about 10-minute of weight lifting for muscle toning. With all these workout routine, of course, I also have to watch my diet, and we’ll see how fast I could lose. I am still far from my weight goal, so, I’ve got to take this seriously. I still need to shed about 7-pounds, and if I lose in a week, that would be so inspiring already, and the rest will follow. Ooops, don’t get me wrong here, I am not after being sexy, but, the benefits of being fit, then being fab will come naturally, right (hahah!)? No worries, I’m taking it slow. How about you, any routine exercises that’s so effective for you?