Loving Myself More

During the entire summer, I hardly exercised because even sitting down made me sweat. Well, you know how hot it is in Manila during this season. But, despite the heat, I gained a few pounds because there was a lot of eating here and there. When my weight gain became noticeable already, I went back to my Zumba workout and also started doing morning walk, either of the two in a day. When it’s raining outside, that’s actually the time I do Zumba. The good news is, the few pounds I gained in 2-months, were lost in a month of regular exercise. Isn’t it cool? One more thing, my body is longing for that sweaty me already, so, I make sure I do my workout everyday. There are unavoidable circumstances though that make me miss my workout, but, that is when I have to do an errand. Still, it’s a physical activity, so, it doesn’t make me feel guilty at all. For someone like me, who doesn’t want to go into diet, it is best to get into a regular exercise to stay fit. I feel a lot stronger and healthier this time, and that makes me love myself more. How about you, how do you keep yourself fit?

Xiaomi Mi 3 Madness Revs Up With Lazada.com.ph

On June 26, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines teamed up for the release of the most anticipated phone of the season – Mi 3.Orders from enthusiastic customers started pouring in as the sale opened at exactly 12 noon — and even with floods affecting many parts of Metro Manila, customer orders started shipping within the day. Most Metro Manila customers were delighted to receive their Mi 3 phones just hours after they had placed their orders.

Lazada Philippines’ and Xiaomi’s social media pages received hundreds of feedback messages from the new Xiaomi Mi 3 owners sharing their awe on the superior product quality of Mi 3 and the retail and logistical agility of Lazada Philippines.

This July 4, 11AM, Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines will again hold a Mi 3 flash sale with 2,000 units up for grabs. Once again, the virtual shelves of Lazada.com.ph will be opening for you so that you can enjoy the superior product quality of the season’s most anticipated phone – Mi3 – offered exclusively by the country’s biggest online shopping mall – Lazada.com.ph, for an effortless shopping experience.

For updates and details on this exciting offering from Xiaomi and Lazada Philippines, be sure to subscribe to the Lazada Philippines Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines.

Awesome Wheels

We all dream of having fancy cars, right. This is especially true to men, who really have high regard to cars. They do take care of their cars like human beings and they never gets tired talking about them. Well, it is just right because of its price and its convenience that it gives to the owner. I am not much into cars yet, because I do not have enough money for it, but, of course, it also catches my eyes whenever I see fancy-looking dub rims and wheels It just says a lot of its car owner. And I just learned that they are just so pricey, excluding the whole car yet, just the wheels, literally. Some invests on the wheels, and not much on the car itself. Well, it really does the tricks if the owner is so much into car-designing also. It definitely become awesome wheels.

For Tatay on Father’s Day

 photo c3a28abf-abec-4942-bf50-4ac19a66cfb6_zps00aded26.jpg

Once a year, we also give tribute to our dear dads, or Tatay as I call mine. I was trying to call his mobile phone earlier, but it cannot be reached, so I decided to just put into writing my message, hoping that someday, soon, he’ll get to read this, too. How do I even begin my message? As always, it is the ones with personal touch that is hardest to compose, how to shorten everything. But let me begin it anyway.

My Dear Tatay,

I may not always make you feel how much you are loved and appreciated, but, this is the best time to do so. Looking back, I really have fond memories of you and with you and that’s what really matters. Here are a few of those that I am most thankful for:

You always took care of me when I was sick (I got sick monthly – asthma attacks)

Making it a fun experience to sit in front of the motorcycle you drove, with Nanay on back-ride, and you’d wave your hand to people or friends along the way and I was never tired asking who you were waving at and nodding your head to say, “Hi!”…That was my first exposure to practicing social skills, which I’ve inherited from you (hahah!)

Having tried to teach me how to dance Tango because I was so insistent that you teach me how because I have always loved watching you and Nanay danced to it. Sadly, I wasn’t a fast-learner, but, I know how to dance it now – it will always be my favorite dance.

During those times when you would introduce me to your friends and relatives from different places just so I know them.

For our bonding moment in Tacloban in one of my summer vacations from college when we ate at the Turo-turo when I was expecting a fine-dining experience (hahah!). But just being with you then, is now part of a happy memory.

For another summer experience when I’d go with you to your office work in Maydolong…I guess, I was still your little girl back in my college days …I never felt awkward at all because you were so funny and cool, in fact, it was me who would volunteer to go with you.

Thank you, for the Trust that wasn’t hard to gain at all. Most of all, thank you for everything, for being my Tatay. Thanks for the confident, funny, sociable and fun-loving genes that I got from you. I guess, Nanay would agree on this, too.

Now, that we seldom see each other, I do hope that I am able to give you the kind of treatment and love that you so deserve whenever we’re together. Thank you, Tatay, for letting me be, for allowing me to air my side then, for understanding me when I would get mad, and for always just being there to accept and be a father to me. I may not say this on a regular basis, but of course, I LOVE YOU! May God continue to bless you with good health and happiness especially during your twilight years. Happy Father’s Day! kisses

Walking as my New Exercise

Summer season is almost over, and I am hoping I’d be able to shed off the few pounds I’ve gain during this season. How did it happen? Well, because of the summer heat, I stopped doing Zumba while invites over good food (and chit-chat) were here and there. So, it was almost two-months of having no regular exercise. But, when my friends noticed about my weight gain (though some finds it better), I was forced to go on a daily walk just around the area where we live. I love the sweat, and the energy that I feel every time. I usually walk in the morning trying to get some healthy sunshine, but, there was one time that I pigged out with my mommy-friends and I just felt so guilty that I decided to do walking that same day, in the evening. Luckily, I had a walking-buddy that time, and it was fun. The good thing about having someone with you, is that you don’t notice the time because you keep on talking and talking (hahah!) while going around.

It’s almost June already, and it’s hello, rain by then. I’d still walk when it’s not raining, but, if it is, I’ll be doing Zumba again. There’s no turning back anymore, I’ll continue my exercise again before it’s hard for me to lose weight already. What do you do to keep you fit?