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When we planned on having our own place the other year, I got so excited. I’m sure it’s every couple’s dream to have their own abode, where they could be themselves and live comfortably while raising their kids. We finally decided on getting a condo unit a little closer to my sister’s place where we used to stay before. Apart from the excitement, I also found it challenging as to what design we should have considering the small space we’ve got. Though we hired an interior designer, most of my ideas were taken into consideration as I was the client. Well, thanks to the out-of town trips we used to have and for the internet browsing I’ve had because it made it easier for me to come up with the bedroom design I wanted. For me, the bedroom furniture matters a lot. It gives the place a whole new look. I particularly loved The White Company because they offer great furniture design pieces. It would be really nice to have that hotel feeling in your own home and that’s definitely possible with them.

our bedroom

Much as I want it to be in pure white, it is not just right because our daughter Rem loves staying in our room while doing her artwork. But when she grows older, we might just have the white theme then.

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  1. I’ve been planning to get a condo style unit too somewhere near in our current place of residency. There was a ground floor unit on sale just a stone throw away from a cousin’s unit. I agree that the furniture does help a lot not just making the room look good but also in giving the room enough space for the residents. That is considering the fact that most condo units aren’t really big.

  2. I am Architect but never had the chance to make designs for my own house even for my own bedroom. It is good to hear that you are satisfied with the Interior designer that helped you in designing your space. Always, the client’s decision will be followed, we are taught to guide and suggest options to our clients and nothing more than that. After all, our designs are our own monuments for fame.

  3. I don’t think I would consider a white theme for a room though…I like color so I won’t be comfortable in a room that is too white. That’s just me but that picture looks nice. To each our own, I guess.

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