Happy 8th Birthday, Rem!

The three of us couldn’t hide our excitement over Rem’s birthday last August 23. Though it was her wish to celebrate it with us at the the New World Hotel in Makati, she didn’t know the other surprises that await her that day. By the way, she really wanted a party with her friends in the hotel, but, I explained to her the impossibility of it (hahah!), and made her choose between having a big party at the clubhouse where we live, or check-in at a hotel with just me and her Poppa.

She chose the latter so this is it. We checked-in at 2:00PM, and the first surprise was this a birthday cake at the hotel room. We relaxed a bit, then, heard mass in the evening at the Sto. Nino de Paz Church before we had dinner at the hotel’s lounge. In the midst of our dinner, the band for the night, led the birthday song for her, with the staff on duty around us and another slice of cake.
 photo 73e8321f-e594-4d16-9964-08cae2cf1456_zps14d66d21.jpg

After the singing, she told me, “’So, that was the surprise. Thank you, momma and poppa for celebrating my birthday.“ She also mentioned about being in-touch, which she meant, she was touched by what we did to her. After a while, she noticed the guests requesting their fave songs to the band to be sang, so she asked me to send in her request. The moment “Shine Bright Like Diamonds” by Rhianna was sang, her eyes lit up, and the lead singer asked her to joined them. She didn’t hesitate a bit, and went to the front and sang. Hubby and I were surprised, but, most of all, we were so happy and proud because obviously, she was having a lot of fun on her special day.

We spent 3-days and 2-nights at the hotel, so we were able to do a bit of shopping around the area, ate out, and was able to visit the Ayala Museum. With all these that happened, I thank God, for having blessed us with such happiness and resources to be able to celebrate it this way. Thanks also to my dearest hubby, for being so supportive of Rem’s wishes. To Rem, may you continue to be fun and peace-loving, stay funny, as well, and stay as the sweetest daughter that you are. Momma and Poppa loves you so much!

The much-awaited Reunion

I’ve just posted last week about the planned reunion with my bestfriends back in college, and as I mentioned there about posting it with few photos, here I am now happily sharing the fun that we just had. It was last February 1st, and what a nice way to welcome my birthday month, right?Smile  went to the hotel with Rem, and believe me, we had the most things in tow – Joy was laughing about it because she only had a carry-all bag and a small shoulder bag knowing that she’s the booked guestSmile.

1st dinner together

                                                      (from left: Joy, Mina and Me)

We’re finally complete here for our first dinner at the Red Crab Alimango House at the Greenbelt3.

We went to the hotel after dinner and we were up until 2:00AM just talking and talking and laughing most of the time. That’s what happens when you meet again only after 14-years LOL.

We left the hotel in the morning for a very important appointment at the SM Megamall, but, before that, we were so excited to have breakfast at the Jollibee. They were teasing me the day before about my birthday which is on the 12th and having known that OFW’s would crave for Pinoy food all the time, I said, “sige, sige, excited na akong i-treat ko kayo sa Jollibee” LOL. (Okay, I’m already excited to treat you at Jollibee). Cheap treat but we had so much fun. They loved their hot choco as much as I do. Oh, we were so hungry and busy enjoying our food that I did not take pictures of it.

Next stop was at my place. I just wanted to show it to them as most of my friends have already visited it and also had pictures on the same area LOL. Can’t wait to visit Mina’s place next year and Joy’s dream place in the near future.

my place

I only served a glass of cold water because we were saving for a sumptuous lunch at Seafood Island in Eastwood…

pinoy food craving at Seafood Island

It had been a tiring day so we went back to the hotel to continue chatting, but this time, we have our snacks-cum-dinner of different Goldilocks products Smile


At about 8:00 o’clock in the evening, we went  to the hotel’s bar: Cinnabar. We brought Rem with us and believe me, she liked it there, too. Thanks to the beautiful music by the singer evening that made Rem catch some Zzzzzz’s as we continued chit-chatting and having some fun with our  cocktail drinksSmile

night at the bar


I know we all enjoyed this 2-day reunion, most especially Rem. I’m sure she will already be a part of our reunion every time. She didn’t want to go home anymore as she wants to live in the hotel forever alreadySmile. Thanks so much to Tita Joy (her ninang) for this experience that will truly remain in her memories.


after each swim, it was always followed with a soak in the bathroom tub, I just forgot to take photos of it.

I know there will be more reunions to come and it’s really something that I’ll be looking forward. How about if Joy will come home everytime Mina comes home, too? That was what I suggested  and Joy might just approve of it (wink*, wink*). But before that happens again, of course, I’d like to thank the both of them for having made this possible, especially Joy, despite not pushing through with the original plan. Having had been updated about how they are now, especially with their careers, I am so happy and proud of them.They’re both practicing the college course we finished, where our friendship started. Yes, they’re Respiratory Therapists and I would say, they’re now experts in that field. I would have followed them, but for some reasons, I did not. Smile No regrets though, and I know they’re also happy for me. That’s what friends are for anyways. I would like to end this with a wish for them for a continued success and good health all the time. Till our next reunions, girlfriends! mwah!